Effect of fertilization on the chemical composition and quality of cereal grasses fodder with different ripeness


U. M. Karbivska, A. O. Butenko, N. M. Kandyba, S. I. Berdin, V. M. Rozhko, O. Yu. Karpenko, O. M. Bakumenko, D. S. Tymchuk, A. S. Chyrva

The influence of fertilization on chemical composition and quality of fodder from cereal grasses has been studied. It was found that the highest indices of crude protein were observed in the variant with Dactylis glomerata and Lolium perenne 11.2-11.4%, which is 0.9-1.1% more than Phalaris arundinacea. When applying phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, the crude protein content increased by 0.1-0.2%, and with complete fertilization - 4.2-4.4%. On average, over the years of research, a grass factor was influential on the yield of 1 ha of dry mass with a share of 36%. Meanwhile, the share of fertilizer factor was 64%.

Keywords: Cereal grasses; Chemical composition; Quality of fodder; Fertilization

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