Effect of heavy metals soil contamination on the oncological diseases rate


I. P. Suhanova, S. P. Sonko, O. V. Vasylenko, O. V. Nikitina, A. V. Balabak, M. A. Shchetyna, I. M. Hurskyi, N. O. Shevchenko, L. V. Soroka, N. V. Nechyporenko


We studied the interrelation between the population health and content of heavy metals in the soils of urban ecosystems. We researched the situation in the city of Uman, Cherkasy region (Ukraine), and determined the links between the ecological quality of the urban environment and the occurrence of ecologically dependent diseases (oncopathology) in the old industrial region (Kryvyi Rih iron-ore basin). We found that the indicators did not exceed the MPC using spectral analysis of the gross content of Cu and Zn, in Uman soils. Spectral analysis of the content of mobile forms of heavy metals in the city soils was performed since mobile forms of heavy metals can be assimilated by plants and subsequently enter the human body and the abiotic component of the ecosystem of extraordinary danger to living organisms. We registered that Ni and Pb content significantly exceeded the MPC, especially in the city areas with heavy traffic. Correlation analysis showed a correlation of low and medium level (r = 0.40–0.52) between the content of mobile forms of heavy metals and the rate of oncological diseases. The correlation for Pb and Ni, the content of which significantly exceeded the MPC, was 0.40 and 0.49, respectively. Thus, we concluded that heavy metals could be a dangerous factor in the territory of Uman.

Keywords:  heavy metals; gross content; content of movable connections; urban ecosystem; ecologically specified diseases; oncopathology


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