Effect Of Micromycetes On Sows Productivity


O.S. Miroshnikova, Z.V. Yemets, N.N. Kushch, L.L. Kushch

Seminal quality examinations readily identify animals with low fertility. The influence of fungal contamination of boar-sire semen on the sows’ reproductive parameters is studied. Mycological studies of boar semen established the contamination of the ejaculate with microscopic fungi in 55 cases (39 %). It was suggested that the fungal contamination not affected on the volume and concentration of the boar’s ejaculates. On the contrary, the volume of the ejaculates that are contaminated by fungi was higher an average of 33.6 cm3 in the comparison with volume of the noncontaminated ejaculates. It was also established that the contamination of semen by microscopic fungi causes a reducing of reproductive indicators of sows. The sow’s fertility and survival of piglets are reduced by 18.0 % and 5.8 % respectively. According to our results, the volume and concentration of ejaculates of boars-sires did not change due to presence of microscopic fungi.


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