Effect of the water regime, crop rotation and fertilizers in biogenic matters leaching into ground water and surface water


I.T. Slyusar*, O.P. Solyanik, V.O. Serbenyuk, V. Viryovka and O.A. Tarasenko

The purpose of our work was to establish features of formation of filtration processes and to define prevention measures towards the nutrients leaching from drainage soils into the ground waters. Our researches were carried out on typical drained floodplain soils of Panfil Research Station, Institute of Agriculture of National Academy of Agrarian Science (floodplain of Supiy River, Yahotyn district, Kiev region, Ukraine) in 2016-2018. The arable layer of peatlands had high level of decomposition (50-60%) with gross nitrogen contamination of 1.9%, phosphorus

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