Effect of various milking equipment on milk ejection in high-yielding cows


A.P. Palii, K.V. Ishchenko, V.V. Bredykhin, P.V. Gurskyi, D.A. Levkin, A.A. Antoniuk, A.Y.Opryshko, Y.O. Kovalchuk, O.A. Anastasieva, A.P. Paliy

Improving modern dairy farming is based on the industry's development, which means transforming livestock farming into a competitive industry. The development of its technical and technological support is closely related to its functional ability to realize the genetic potential of biological objects of production with high-quality products, which is the defining criterion for the competitiveness of machinery and technology at the industry’s present stage of development. The purpose of the research was to study milk production technology based on a comprehensive assessment and implementation of modern milking equipment, maximizing animals’ genetic potential and industry efficiency. We proved that applying the ‘DeLaval’ milking parlor under the same feeding and keeping animals ensured the proper completeness of milking and increased cows’ milk yield. During the first, third, and highest lactations, the milk yield was 226 kg (P<0.05), 266 kg (P<0.05), and 214 kg (P<0.05), respectively. After-milking when applying ADM-8A averaged 175 ml, and only 45 ml when applying the ‘DeLaval’ parlor. When using the ‘DeLaval’ milking equipment, the milk production intensity of cows was 1.43 kg/min, and, with ADM-8A, it was 1.24 kg/min, which is 0.19 kg/min (P<0.001), or 15.3% higher.

Keywords: milking; milk yield; lactation; productivity of cows; milk ejection


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