Effective molecules of some natural product as antidepressant and antihistamine drugs: A NMR study


Mina Zakeri, Majid Monajjemi

Due to increasing rates of depression in recent years, the use of the drug-plants is significantly important. In this work, we have optimized and discussed about several active compounds which are extracted from famous plants such as formononetin (a constituent of Cimicifuga racemosa), Luteolin (fromPerilla frutescens), Myriceti (Clitoria ternatea) and Piper methysticum as antidepressant and antihistamine through NMR study.There are no works in theoretical of a statistical approach in NMR shielding and nucleus independent chemical shifts for study of antidepressant and antihistamine drugs, while the asymmetry(η) and skew(κ) parameters are fluctuated in small distances and are alternative in large distances in the center of heterocyclic rings for Luteolin, Buclizine, Myriceti, formononetin and Cetirizine. By changing asymmetry between 0 ≤η≤+1 skew will be changed between -1 ≤κ ≤+1 , meanwhile the parameter κ is zero when σ22 = σiso15.In the case of axially-symmetric tensor, σ22 equals either σ11 or σ33, skew is κ=±1. In this work, we have investigated the statistical methods by computing of nucleus-independent chemical shifts-SNICS in point of Bq motions in the center of sphere in shielding and de-shielding spaces of antidepressant and antihistamine drugs.


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