Effectiveness Of Bio-acoustic Birdscarers For Bird Management In The Municipal Landfill Of Barnaul City


V. V. Shcherbinin, E. V. Ponkina, P. N. Ulanov, A. V. Matsyura

The complex of measures on safety, considerable importance is the monitoring system and integrated the fight to reduce the number of air flight hazard species of birds (rooks, crows, magpies, hawks, etc.). Experience has shown that even periodic shooting does not give the desired effect, ie. A. The bird population is very mobile and able to move quickly scattered and maneuvering that practically negates all efforts for their physical elimination. The use of poisoned baits is prohibited and is ineffective, t. To. Various species of birds have different food preferences. Our research is devoted to finding a solution to this problem. As the main operational measures for scaring birds we offer the use of bio-acoustic instrument with a sound recording, effectively acting on air flight hazard species of birds, including corvids and Black Kite, which are not optional in many similar devices. Application of bioacoustics devices does not require an additional set of fireworks scare, but also an integral character of the device significantly increases the efficiency of the impact on birds and allows for a few minutes to eliminate concentrations of birds in large areas. The study analyzed information on aircraft collisions with birds, considered the scheme of air traffic, as well as the general plan for the landfill site, the Civil Aviation documents ornithological flight operations, carried out the operational test site survey. OAO Ekokompleks operates only in Barnaul licensed landfills for disposal of solid waste, located at the address: Barnaul, Cosmonavtov Prospekt, 74. The total area of the polygon - 328,679.7 square meters, the amount of dumping per year - 1800 thousand cubic meters Coordinates: 53 ° 23'24 "N, 83 ° 37'54" E. Availability of the current municipal landfill waste at a distance of 6.3 km from the aerodrome reference point Barnaul, in violation of the requirements of Claim 59 of the Federal Rules of use of air space of the Russian Federation of 11.03.2010 number 138. The conditions of surrounding environment determine the composition and behavior of birds, attending a training ground and pose a potential hazard to aircraft operations. On landfill dumping is carried out various types of waste, including food, are used by some species of birds as food. According to a preliminary survey, the main species of birds that use the landfill as a forage habitat - black kite, corvids - gray, crow, rook, jackdaw and gulls - silver and black-headed gull. Based on many years of observations and data analysis of the circumstances and consequences of collisions of Russian aircraft with birds stand air flight hazard species of birds, creating the greatest threat to flight safety. To the list of air flight hazard species include the black vulture, hooded crow, rook, magpie, jackdaw.


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