Effectiveness of the application of soil milling in the growing of the squash (Cucurbita pepo var. giraumontia) in the right-bank forest steppe of Ukraine


S.A. Vdovenko, V.M. Prokopchuk, I.I. Palamarchuk, H.V. Pantsyreva

The results of research on the use of soil mulching with polyethylene black perforated film, straw and sawdust for growing a squash in the conditions of the Right Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine are presented. The effectiveness of mulching of soil is established.

The shortest between phase periods was characterized by the use of mulching of soil with a film of polyethylene black. The shortest between phase periods was characterized by the use of mulching of soil with a film of polyethylene black.

According to the conducted research, the positive influence of mulch materials on the growth, development and fruiting of squash plants has been established. Previously, the phenological phases were marked by multicolored soil with a polyethylene film, and mulching of the ground with sawdust and straw extended the phases of the development of the zucchan in relation to control. It was established that mulching of the soil on the yield of squash affected an average of 85.5%. The analysis has established a strong direct relationship between yield and quantity, as well as the weight of the fetus.

Keywords: Squash; varieties; polyethylene film; black perforated; straw; sawdust; yield

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