Effectiveness of the combined application of micro-fertilizers and fungicides on the beet crops


P. Bezvikonnyi, R. Myalkovsky, O. Muliarchuk, V. Tarasiuk

The purpose of the research was to find out the effect of foliar fertilization with complex microfertilizers together with fungicides on the growth and development of plants and the yield of beet root in the Western Forest Steppe. Methods. Field, analytical and statistical. Results. It was found that the foliar fertilization of ADOB micro and macrofertilizers with the fungicide Impact in the Harold variety – 61.46 thousand m2/ha, and in Kestrel – 73.06 thousand m2/ha, provided the largest leaf area. The highest photosynthetic potential was in the Kestrel variety with foliar ADOB macro+micro compatibility with the Impact fungicide (2.37 million m2 × days/ha). Foliar fertilization of ADOB microfertilizers macro+micro with application rate of 2.0 kg/ha and fungicide Impact with application rate of 0.25 l/ha provides the highest weight of Harold root crops for the harvesting period at 413.0 g and Kestrel variety – 516.1 g. The introduction of ADOB macro+micro complex microfertilizers, in combination with Topsin M and Impact fungicides, provided the highest yield of beet root in Harold variety – 62.0-62.2 t/ha and Kestrel variety – 75.4-77.4 t/ha. The highest solids content and sugars were also observed in the variant, where they applied foliar ADOB macro+micro compound fertilizers with Topsin M and Impact fungicides in Harold variety - 15.6-15.7% and 8.5%, in Kestrel variety – 16.0-16.1% ??? 8.9%, respectively. The foliar fertilization of ADOB microfertilizer macro+micro in combination with the fungicide Impact provided the highest betanin content of 352.5 mg/100 g of raw weight in the Harold variety, and 270.9 mg/100 g of raw weight in the Kestrel variety. The combined application of ADOB microfertilizers macro+micro and fungicide Impact allowed to obtain maximum rates of profitability in the Kestrel variety - 241.6%, in the Harold variety - 182.3%.

Keywords: beet; variety; foliar fertilization; root crops; microfertilizers



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Zaryshniak, A.S., Zherdetsky, I.M. (2007). Foliar application of microfertilizers in the form of metal complex on sugar beet culture. Sugar beet, 3, 18–20 (in Ukrainian).` mp3download.link Best YouTube to MP3 converter. Download MP3 from YouTube for Free. one would honestly have expected more on the track mp3-go.net Download Mp3 songs for free Given the legendary pedigree of the man behind the sound downloadmp3-gratis.biz Download mp3 songs online at Mp3 Converter, watch high quality online music videos download-mp3gratis.me watch and download free songs of the highest quality. Listen to songs online here comfortably without any annoying advertisements. metrolagu.com Easy to use and free MP3 downloader. YouTube To MP3 download in seconds using the best YouTube to MP3 converter. YouTube Mp3 Get the latest song by simply typing the latest artist or song title in the Search menu. Mp3 file format with 128 - 320 Kbps bitrate converted from YouTube videos. read at this blog All those artist performances are still available on YouTube today find more here

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