Efficiency of premixes with Bioplex microelements in the diets of Holstein cattle


A. Horchanok, O. Kuzmenko, L. Lytvyshchenko, M. Lieshchova, N. Prysiazhniuk, O. Bevz, O. Slobodeniuk

The feeds grown in the research farm in the Steppe of Ukraine have the composition with a low concentration of vital microelements. Cuprum content in alfalfa haylage harvested in different years ranged from 1.66 to 3.11 mg/kg; in silage it was 0.70-1.17 mg/kg; in hay it was 6.71-11.01 mg/kg, and in semi-sugar beets the cuprum content was 1.17-2.04 mg/kg. In regards to concentrated feeds, the least Cuprum content was registered in corn grain and was 2.26-3.93 mg/kg. The insignificant cuprum amount was reported for the barley and pea grain: 3.93-7.41 and 2.83-5.50 mg/kg, respectively, while the most abundant amount was in sunflower meal - about of 18.64–29.33 mg/kg. The article presents the results of effect of organic minerals Bioplex Mn, Bioplex Cu and Bioplex Zn on milk productivity and quality of Holstein cattle in the Steppe Zone of Ukraine. Replacement of Mn sulphate with Bioplex Mn increased the productivity of Holstein cows by 8.52%, replacement of Cu increased the productivity by 5.72%, and replacement of Zn with Bioplex Mn increased the productivity by 11.08%. During cumulative effect of Bioplex Mn, Cu and Zn in the diets of cows demonstrated the best results in productivity; this was by 19.30% more compared with the control group. We also found that the chemical composition of milk did not differ from the control by density, content of protein, lactose and ash. The fat content in the milk of cows in the experimental groups increased by 0.05-0.13%, the number of somatic cells was also decreased.

Keywords: Organic microelements Bioplex Mn; Bioplex Cu and Bioplex Zn; Milk productivity; Milk quality indicators


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