Evaluation of acute toxicity of the "Orgasept" disinfectant


V.L. Kovalenko, G.V. Ponomarenko, M.D. Kukhtyn, A.P. Paliy, O.O. Bodnar, H.I. Rebenko, T.G. Kozytska, T.V. Makarevich, O.V. Ponomarenko, A.P. Palii

The purpose of the research was to study acute toxicity, irritating and sensitizing effects, biochemical and immunological parameters of animal blood after influence of "Orgasept" disinfectant, consisted from silver nanoparticles, benzalkonium chloride and lactic acid. To determine acute toxicity, 6 months old clinically healthy male rats (5 groups, six rats per each group) and female rats (5 groups, six per each group) with body weight of 180-200 g were used. We determined the average lethal dose (LD50) and the main parameters of acute toxicity after Orgasept rats administration in various dozes. We found that, at intra-gastrointestinal administration of Orgasept, the LD50 for male rats was 5000.0±43.0 mg/kg body weight and 5045.0±56.3 mg/kg for the females. We also registered that Orgasept does not have cumulative and sensitizing properties, does not show irritating effect, suppressive effect on growth and development of animals, and does not affect the hemopoiesis. We revealed that Orgasept demonstrated significant effect on nonspecific and specific factors of the organism's protection compared to the formaldehyde.

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