Evaluation of changes in ecological conditions of wetlands in the Teniz-Korgalzhin depression (Kazakhstan)


Y. N. Sagatbayev, O. N. Baryshnikova, Y. P Krupochkin, O. B. Mazbayev

The article presents the results of a study of the long-term dynamics of the state of ecosystems of the Teniz-Korgalzhyn depression, carried out using data from the Earth remote sensing (ERS). Based on the analysis of space images, the formation factors of modern environmental conditions are established. In the study area, such factors are positional and barrier factors, as well as the confinement of individual surface sections to different-height layers of the Earth's surface. An analysis of the Landsat series of space images taken at different time, made it possible to establish spatial differences in the intensity of phytomass accumulation in areas located in different landscape locations. The spatio-temporal variability of the ecological conditions of the Teniz-Korgalzhin depression wetlands is accompanied by a change in the amount of food supply and the number of living organisms. Monitoring of these changes on the basis of Earth remote sensing data will allow to prove measures to preserve the biodiversity of the Teniz-Korgalzhin depression wetlands timely.
Keywords: Ecosystems; Wetlands; Teniz-Korgalzhin depression; The earth remote sensing
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