Evaluation of Durum wheat varieties for yield and yield related traits in highland areas of Southern Ethiopia


S. Solomon, K. Daniel

Durum wheat productivity in Ethiopia is hindered by different factors mainly lack of improved adapted varieties for specific locations. This experiment was done to identify the most performing durum wheat varieties in the tested environment. The tested genotypes average productivity was evaluated at two locations  (Alicho and Analimo Weredas) using a randomized complete block design with four replication for two consecutive years  (2016 and 2017). The experimental material consists of seven improved durum wheat genotypes. The combined analysis of variance showed a significant  (P<0.05) difference among tested genotypes on the collected parameter indicating the presence of adequate variability. The highest average grain yield recorded was 44.46  qt/ha from the Hitosa variety while the lowest obtained was 36.34 qt/ha from the Denbi variety. Grain yield had strong positive correlations  (P<0.01) with plant height, the number of seed per spikes and biomass.

Keywords: Durum wheat; Genetic variability; Grain yield; Variety


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