Evaluation of fatty acid composition in two varieties of cardoon (Algerian and French) and one variety of artichoke


W. Benhalima*, A. Dellal and O. Merah

This study aims to determine the seeds oil fatty acid content of two varieties of Algerian and French cardoon of the genus Cynara and a variety of artichoke. For the Algerian cardoon, we used the unarmed white variety and for the artichoke, we selected the violet of Provence. The extraction of the oils was carried out by the Soxhletmethod; on the other hand, the fatty acid content was determined by the technique of Gas Chromatography (GC).

The obtained results showed a high content of unsaturated fatty acids in the three varieties, cardoon (84.28%) and (85.72%), while the artichoke recorded (73.88%). The main acids were oleic, linoleic and palmitic. This composition is significantly different compared to other studies carried out previously, in particular Miceli 1996. These results seem encouraging and open up real prospects and possible new niches for the use of these vegetables in different fields such as medicine, against cardiovascular diseases, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

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