Evaluation of the success and prospects of introduction for cultivation of medicinal aromatic Asteraceae plants in central Pollysia (Ukraine)


I.V. Ivashchenko*, D.B. Rakhmetov, L.A. Kotyuk and O.A. Sayuk

The objective of the research is to assess the success of the introduction was and to determine the prospects for the cultivation of the Asteraceae family rare medicinal and aromatic species of the Asteraceae family, under conditions of Central Polissia in Ukraine. Introduction research was carried out during 2013-2021 in the Botanical Gardens of Polissia National University using laboratory, field and introduction methods. The studies of annual and perennial species of the Asteraceae family Asteraceae allowed achieving a comprehensive assessment of biological, ecological and productive potential of the plants. The research also revealed the seasonal rhythms of growth, development, and stability of plants, peculiarities of their reproduction, and helped to evaluate the success of the introduction success and prospects for the cultivation of new aromatic and medicinal plants from the Asteraceae family in conditions of Central Polissia of Ukraine. According to a comprehensive assessment of the success of the introduction success of the Asteracae family in Central Polissia, highly promising perennial and annual species belong: Serratula coronat? L., Artemisia austriaca Jacq., Artemisia abrotanum L. (form 1), Helenium aromaticum (Hook.) Bailey, L.H. Bailey, Glebionis coronaria var. discolor (d'Urv.) Turland, G. coronaria var. coronaria. The following species are evaluated as promising: Artemisia dracunculus L. (forms 1, 2, 3), Artemisia abrotanum L. (form 2), Artemisia maritima L., Tanacetum balsamita var. balsamitoides (Sch. Bip.) P. D. Sell., T. balsamita var. tanacetoides. The collection of medicinal and aromatic plants introduced, created in the Botanical Gardens of Polissia National University, proves to be a source of considerable importance for further introduction and selective breeding work.

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