A.P. Paliy*, O.M. Kornieikov, B.T. Stegniy, Al Jabari Muneer, M.Y. Stegniy, О.B. Kornieikova and A.P. Palii

Prevention and control of viral diseases of farm animals remain an urgent problem despite the success achieved in their eradication. In the general complex of anti-epizootic measures, disinfection measures are of great importance, for which the presence of highly effective disinfectants is necessary. The study aimed to study the virucidal properties of a modern disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium compounds (25.0%), glutaraldehyde (11.0%), isopropyl alcohol, nonionic surfactants. The production strain of bovine infectious rhinotracheitis virus "Moldavian" with an infectious activity of 8.1 lg TCD 50/cm3 and the production strain of bovine viral diarrhea virus "BK-1" with an infectious activity of 7.7 lg TCD 50/cm3 were used as test cultures. Studies have shown that the disinfectant neutralizes bovine infectious rhinotracheitis virus when used at a concentration of 0.1% for 20 minutes, and destroys bovine diarrhea virus when used at a concentration of 0.5% for 20 minutes. The disinfectant in these modes of application completely disinfects various surfaces (metal, tile, glass, plastic, wood, cotton) contaminated with pathogens of viral diseases of farm animals. The obtained results expand the range of disinfectants that are promising for use in animal husbandry.

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