Experience of using clove oil for olfactory enrichment in Russian Zoos


T.A. Karmanova, D.D. Volgina, T.V. Antonenko, A.V. Matsyura

Successful experiments on olfactory enrichment of clove oil in Russian zoos have been carried out. Olfactory enrichment with clove oil reduced or eliminated stereotypical behavior (pacing) in most Amur tigers, African lions, and some Canadian and Red wolves. The behavior of the Far Eastern leopard and the Snow leopard behavior has not changed significantly under the influence of clove essential oil. Olfactory enrichment of clove essential oil is more successful for young animals.
Key words: Olfactory enrichment; Clove oil; Amur tiger; African lion; Far Eastern leopard; Snow leopard; Canadian wolf; Red wolf; zoo; Captivity
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