Extraction, yield and chemical composition of essential oils of Juniperus oxycedrus L. from Tiaret region (Algeria)


S. Guerroudj*, M. Maatoug, K. Naceur, R. Chaibi, M. Khene and A. Boualem

Three forest stations in the Tiaret forest were chosen as sampling sites for Juniperus oxycedrus L: Guertouffa, Mekhatria and Manège, depending on exposure and altitude, in order to study the yield and chemical composition of the essential oils of this shrub. The results found for yield showed a percentage of the order of 0.23 to 0.32% in the leaves; on the other hand, it can go up to 0.80% in the berries. The GC/MS chromatographic analysis of G. oxycèdre essential oils allowed the definition of 49 chemical species, divided into 32 families, of which the Carenes (2-Carene, delta-3-Carene), and the Mycenes (beta.-Myrcene), presented high percentages, i.e., 24.72% and 13.84 respectively. A distribution of the chemical species found, according to the exposure and the altitude of the sampled stations, is remarkable, and has made it possible to note the effect of the station factors on the quantity and nature of these oils.

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