Features Of Students` Blood Microcirculation


D. D. Horban, O. V. Yusupova, M. I. Sobichanska, V. G. Chorna

The experimental research included the study of the functional state of blood microcirculation by means of laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF). Allowing to assess the condition of tissue blood flow and to detect the features of the microcirculation under different types of higher nervous activity. The obtained results showed that at most of students high-amplitude LDF was registered. Determining the characteristics of students` blood microcirculation with different types of higher nervous activity among healthy students 17-22 years showed that the prevailing strong and active types of temperament (choleric and sanguine) students hiperemichnym type of temperament. Percentage strong, but few mobile (phlegmatic) students was minimal and there was a greater number of students with hiperemichnym type of microcirculation, and the percentage weak sedentary (melancholic) type had a mean and often observed in students from normoemichnym type of blood microcirculation.


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