Features of the morphological and anatomical characteristics of the leaves of Taraxacum officinale Wigg. in conditions of rock dump


O.M. Legoshchina, I.N. Egorova, O.A. Neverova, A.A. Bykov, E.M. Maltseva, V.V. Bolshakov

The morphological and anatomical features of the assimilation apparatus Taraxacum officinale Wigg., growing under the conditions of a rock dump of the Kedrovsky coal mine in the Kemerovo Region, were studied. It was experimentally established that the specific environmental conditions of the rock dump cause morphological and anatomical changes in the leaves of the dandelion. At the level of leaf morphology, there is a decrease in the average leaf area, thickening of leaf blades, the formation of a trend towards a decrease in the number of leaves in the outlet. At the level of the anatomical structure, there is a significant increase in the thickness of mesophyll, a tendency to a decrease in the thickness of the tissues of the upper and lower epidermis, a decrease in the number of cells of the upper and lower epidermis by 1 mm2 and an increase in the size of stomata in the tissues of the lower and upper epidermis, a decrease in the number of stomata by 1 mm2 and stomatal index on the upper epidermis. Under the conditions of the rock dump, an increase in the number of reliable correlations between the anatomical parameters of the leaf of Taraxacum officinale Wigg., as well as anatomical signs with indicators of atmospheric pollution, was established, to a greater extent due to the formation of positive correlations that are known to control the development of biosystems and are critical for body periods.
Keywords: Morphology; Anatomy; Leaf; Dandelion officinalis; Environmental Conditions; Rock Dumps; Opencast coal mine
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