Еffect Of Plant Growth Regulators In The Conditions Of Anthropogenic Environmental Factors


O. M. Vasilyuk

The paper analyses the general (GА, nM pyruvic acid/ml∙second) and specific (SA, nM pyruvic acid /mg second) transferase enzyme activity of protein metabolism (Аlanine aminotransferase ALT, EC, and Аspartate aminotransferase, AST, EC in Salix alba L. leaves, that planted on the banks of Mokra Sura River (anthropogenic polluted, increased level of salinity) and Shpakova River (relatively clean, control) which are parts of Dnipro River Basin of Steppe Dnipro Region. We used the plant growth regulator “Kornevin” in order to accelerate rooting and reducing of exogenous pressures on the plant. We registered the Aminotransferase nonspecific reaction towards anthropogenic pressure, which was associated with the formation of non-specific mechanisms of adaptation to support the homeostasis. We revealed the significant differences between experiment and control in index of protein synthesis and metabolism depending on the conditions of growth and development. Protective and leveling effects of growth regulator have been proved. The advisability of using the "Kornevin" as an adaptogene and a protector in variable environmental conditions have been indicated. Salix alba L., increased level of salinity, growth regulators, alaninaminotransferase, aspartataminotransferase, adaptogene, anthropogenic factors <

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