First data of Cossidae (Lepidoptera) of the Central African Republic


R.V. Yakovlev, G. Laszlo, T.J. Witt

Present paper provides the first data of Cossidae of the Central African Republic (8 species) based on the materials of the collection of the African Natural History Research Trust (Leominster), Museum Witt (Munich), and the private collection of Manfred Ströhle (Weiden). Six species (Assegaj clenchi Yakovlev, 2006, Gumilevia zhiraph Yakovlev, 2011, Aethalopteryx squameus (Distant, 1902), Eulophonotus myrmeleon Felder, 1874, Strigocossus crassa (Drury, 1782), and S. elephas Yakovlev, 2013) are found for the first time in the fauna of CAR.

Keywords: Entomology; Cossidae; carpenter moths; Cossinae; Zeuzerinae; Central African Republic; new records; fauna

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