Flora And Vegetation Of Martyniachyi Island (azov-sivash National Nature Park, Kherson Region, Ukraine)


V. P. Kolomyichuk, A. V. Matsyura

The goal of research is to evaluate the current state of phytodiversity of Martyniachyi Island in order to predict its change under the bird influence. The botanical research was carried out by traditional methods. Species and Families are presented according to Vascular plants of Ukraine Checklist (Mosyakin, Fedoronchuk, 1999). The article presents the latest data on phytodiversity of Martyniachyi Island located in the Sivash Gulf of Azov Sea. Contemporary taxonomy (31 species of vascular plants) and syntaxonomy diversity (11 associations from 7 formations) of the island is established. The flora of the island consists mainly of annual plant species (80.6 %). This testifies to the ephemerality of “nature” communities of the island, which develop under the influence of colonial bird activity. Species diversity of communities is low, that is because of island isolation and small area, and also because of significant bird influence. Among the plant communities the formation Sisymbrieta loeselii is dominate. Communities of formations Anisantheta sterilis, Asperugeta procumbens, Atriplexideta tataricae, Atriplexideta aucherii, Hyoscyameta nigrii, Suaedeta confusae occupy comparatively less island area. Synthaxonomy of the island vegetation based on the ecological and floristic classification includes plant communities from 2 classes, 2 alliances, 3 units, and 6 associations. The principal factor influenced the quantitative diversity of island vegetation and its spatial structure is the influence of colonial bird settlement, namely Laridae.


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