Flora Synanthropization In Volyn Region (ukraine)


L.Ð?. Kotsun, I.I. Kuzmishyna

Volyn region is located in North-Western Ukraine. Its territory is plain in the North and poorly hilly in the South with a total obliquely in a Northerly direction. The climate is temperate continental with mild winters and moderately warm enough wet summer. Sod-podzolic and meadow soils is predominate, sod, forest-steppe podzolized soils, typical black less common. According to physical and geographic zone, the area belongs to the zone of mixed coniferous-deciduous forests; by geobotanical zoning of Ukraine âÂ??Â?? the European broadleaved forest region, East European and Central provinces. Some 1272 species of vascular plants of natural flora were registered in the Volyn region during filed surveys in 1999-2015 together with retrospective data and herbarium collections. Among them the synanthropic group was isolated, which includes 507 species (over 38% of all the species). Local synanthropic apophytes species (ca. 287) are dominated over antropophytes (220 species). The ratio between these two groups is 1.3:1. This is the evidence that the synanthropic flora was formed with domination of local explerent apophytes followed by adventive plant species. Species with active dissemination strategy in seminatural and transformed ecosystems like hemiapophytes (149 species) are dominated among the apophytes by the degree of adaptation to the anthropogenically transformed conditions. It was found that 220 species belong to antropophytes among which the kenophytes (111 species) dominate by time of invasion. We also registered some 109 species of arheophytes. The ratio between these two groups is 0.9:1.0, which indicates the moderate degree of invasion of alien species to the study area. The xenophytes (111 species) are dominated by the method of invasion. The epekophytes (159 species) âÂ??Â?? species that which grow in communities that would disappear with the cessation of human activities dominate by the degree of naturalization. We distinguished the group of alien species with high phytocoenotic activities that are the herbaceous annuals or milticarpos with the core root system without underground shoots of North American origin.

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