Global community security: manifestations, priorities, and threats


O. Vyshnevska, I. Melnyk, O. Sarapina, T. Pinchuk, O. Yeremian

The authors investigate the nature, components and features of globalisation in terms of its manifestations in society, development priorities, potential threats. It is proved that the processes that occur in the globalisation environment require the unity of efforts and implementation of a common policy of eliminating threats. The aggravation of conflicts due to the environmental issues and the social response to it are defined. It is determined that the common policy will facilitate the environmental protection, create the background for ensuring the global security by reducing social tensions. The common policy on a partnership basis allows to join forces for environmental protection, raise awareness of the ecological problems, introduce cost-effective approaches to the use of certain types of natural resources, conservation of ecosystems. It is determined that the practical realisation of ecological tasks at the national, regional and local levels must comply with the ratified agreements, implement the standards of the international law, take note of the actual transboundary threats. It is substantiated that the coordinated ecological policy, responsibility at different levels of government, sufficient funding of ecological projects will help to reduce the temperature rise and prevent the global ecological catastrophe. The environmental dimensions of global adaptation must have not only a quantitative impact on the environment, but also aggregate the ethical and moral indicators of measuring the social attitude to nature. The practical necessity of using the Environmental Code and the Environmental Court is determined. The efficiency of the partnership-based cooperation, coordination of actions with the environmental organisations, movements, eco-activists is proved. The global economic prospects should be oriented towards environmental dimensions, taking into account the need to ensure the global social security.

Keywords:  Globalisation; Security; Society; Threats; Environmental dimensions; Adaptation; Ecological policy; Social tension; Social reaction; Common policy


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