Hematological Indices Of Rat Organisms Under Conditions Of Oxidative Stress And Liposomal Preparation Action


M. Khariv, B. V. Gutyj, V. Butsyak, Ð?. Khariv

The article deals with the results of search of the influence of developed complex liposomal drug on dynamics of hematological parameters of rat organisms under conditions of simulated oxidative stress caused by the use of carbon tetrachloride. Intramuscular injection of 50% tetrachloromethane to rats at a dose of 0.25 ml per 100 g of body weight causes antigenic load on the body and leads to disruption of physiologic level of hematological indices of experimental animal organisms. This indicates the number reduce of red blood cells, hemoglobin content, hemoglobin concentration in erythrocyte, increasing the number of leukocytes, mass of hemoglobin in erythrocyte and increased of color index. To normalize the hematological indices of rat organisms for the development of oxidative stress it is advisable to apply the liposomal drug that incorporates contains butafosfan, interferon, milk thistle and vitamins. When using liposomal drug to rats, under conditions of oxidative stress, the normalization of hematological indices comes in blood, namely on 14th day within physiological variables were indicators of the number of erythrocytes of hemoglobin content, white blood cell count and indices of red blood cells compared to controls, indicating a recovery of hematopoietic function of marrow.

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