History And Present State Of Forest Bells In The Biosphere Reserve "askania Nova"


M. A. Listopadsky

The history of creation and the current state of forest belts of the Biosphere Reserve "Askania Nova" are given. Planting of the forest belts was carried out from 1932 to 2001. This period is divided into four historical stages. A schematic map of the forest belts of the reserve is given as a result of up-dated inventory and a height of plantings, width, length, age, type of irrigation, species composition, typological and structural stands’ formula are listed. The modern forest belts cover 234 hectares of the reserve, which is about 1% of its territory. The typological and spatial heterogeneity of the modern belts of the reserve are concluded. The necessity of speedy ecological plants’ rehabilitation based on scientific principles of steppe dendrology is substantiated.


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