Hormonal Profile And Nonspecific Resistance In Boar Under Pre-slaughter Stress


S.S. Grabovskyi, O.S. Grabovska

The article is devoted to determination of hormonal profile and nonspecific resistance in boars blood before slaughter after using of biologically active substances — animal origin antistressors andimmunostimulators. The purpose of research — determination of changes of insulin, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), cortisol content in boars blood before slaughter and their correction of natural origin biologically active substances of spleen extract. Object and research methods. The spleen extract has been additionally entered to the boars feed at 5 days before slaughter as an antistressors and immunostimulators in pre-slaughter period. The experiment was conducted on 15 boars with standard diet. Three groups of boars six months of age (5 boars each) were formed for research. The pig’s spleen extract was obtained with ultrasound application (Iresearch group) were using as a biologically active substances to the feed boars in pre-slaughter period. The extracts were applied to dry feed by aerosol method (70 % alcohol solution of spleen extract volume of 1.4 ml per kg body weight). The boars of II research group in the same way received to the feed of 70 % ethanol solution in the same volume. The boars of control group received only dry feed economy. Theboars slaughter was held on day 13 hours a.m. Mathematical treatment of the research results worked statistically using the software package Statistica 6.0. Results and discussion. The ACTH and cortisol level in the boars’ blood plasma of experimental and control groups significantly increased after transportation (before the slaughter) compared with the indexes before transportation to meat plant. The ACTH concentration in the boars’ blood plasma of ?? experimental group, which was added to the basic diet spleen extract, was 10 % lower than in the control group boars compared with indicators before and after transportation. The insulin concentration of ?? experimental and control groups boars was higher after transportation with comparing beforetransportation to meat plant. All nonspecific body resistance parameters significantly increased in boars blood, which in addition to food received spleen extract, compared with the control group animals after transportation before slaughter: phagocytic activity increased at 12 %, phagocytic index — 13 % and phagocytic number — 14 %. On the boars’ feeding final stage is necessary to consider a pre-slaughter stress and to apply of natural origin biologically active substances. The results can be used on other farm animals for resistance increasing, correction and avoid their pre-slaughter stress and improve the product quality.

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