Immunity of suckling pigs after administration of sow drug Glutam 1M and Nanoakvahelates


M.Seba, K. Zakharchenko, M. Khomenko, V. Koberniuk, N. Bogdanova*, I. Golovetskyi and I. Chumachenko

The article investigates the effect of Nanoakvahelat Germanium and neurotropic metabolic drugs such as Glutam 1M and Kvatronan- Se on the immunological parameters of the blood of suckling piglets after feeding sows with these drugs. In previous exploratory studies, the doses of drugs were established: for the drug Glutam 1M – 18 mg/kg, for Kvatronan-Se – 0.02 ml/kg, for Nanoakvahelat Germanium – 5 µg/kg. The drugs were fed to sows four days before farrowing and for ten days after farrowing. Studies show that their feeding to sows does not significantly affect the quantitative content of leukocytes in the blood of newborn piglets. We found an increased lymphocyte content (63.21?82.08%) in all experimental animals. We found that on the 4th day of the suckling period in the blood of piglets of the experimental groups increased the number of erythrocytes by 10.1–26.3%, hemoglobin level – by 3.1?11.5%, hematocrit content – by 3.2–11.6% (the difference with the data of the control group). On the 11th day of the suckling period, the number of leukocytes in the experimental groups increased by 0.67–7.51%; in control, this indicator decreased by 20.43%. The concentration of hemoglobin in the experimental groups increased by 11.5, 26.3, 3.1, and 7.9%; the number of erythrocytes increased by 11.2, 26.3, 10.1, and 10.9%, with regards to control. The tested drugs can be safely fed to sows in the suggested doses. Using Nanoakvahelat Germanium, Glutam 1M, Kvatronan-Se drugs enhance newborn piglets' immunity within the first 11 days of their lives.

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