Indicators of proteine and lipid metabolisn in goats affected with osteodystrophy


O.P. Timoshenko, Yu.V. Maslak, O.S. Miroshnikova, A.V. Sobakar

The aim of this study was to establish the indicators of protein and lipid metabolism in Saanen goats in different physiological periods and with osteodystrophy. Fifteen goats were studied in the spring (postpartum period), in summer (lactation period), in autumn (initial fetal period of gestation), in winter (ending fetal period of gestation) for determine the influence of the physiological state of animals on the level of biochemical parameters in the blood serum. Two groups of goats were formed for 10 head in each: the first group - clinically healthy, the second - with clinical signs of osteodystrophy for establish the biochemical parameters of osteodystrophy. The content of total protein, protein fractions, β-lipoproteins, cholesterol, triglycerides and activity of the enzymes AlAT and AsAT were determined in the blood serum of goat's. It was established that the level of biochemical parameters varied in goats of the Saanen breed in different physiological periods. In goats with osteodystrophy there were significant changes in the parameters of protein and lipid metabolism: decrease levels of albumins; increase levels of β- and γ-globulin the activity of transaminases and concentration of ß-lipoproteins.


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