Influence of рН values of a nutrient medium on growth and morphological properties of strains Cladobotryum sp


D.G. Medvediev, N.A. Bisko, N.G. Kadnikova

Isolates of the plant pathogenic fungus Cladobotryum sp. were isolated from white button mushroom carpophores affected by cobweb mould, which were collected in different commercial mushroom farms of Ukraine. Influence of nutrient medium pH values on accumulation of mycelium biomass of 11 strains of Cladobotryum sp. was determined. It was determined that the optimal pH value for the growth of all strains is 6.9. It was found that depending on the acidity of the nutrient medium, the majority of strains synthesize pigments that stain mycelium of the fungus. Using the methods of confocal microscopy, we have studied the colour and conducted spectral analysis of autofluorescence of mycelial hyphae of different strains of Cladobotryum sp.

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