Influence of agricultural systems and basic tillage on soil microorganisms number under winter wheat crops of the Right-bank Forest-Dteppe of Ukraine


O.Yu. Karpenko, V.M. Rozhko, A.O. Butenko, O.P. Samkova, A.I. Lychuk, I.S. Matviienko, I.M. Masyk, I.V. Sobran, H.D. Kankash

The results of studying the influence of different systems of agriculture and measures of basic tillage on the number of microorganisms and its phytotoxicity in the field of winter wheat are presented. It is proved that different systems of agriculture and measures of basic tillage do not equally affect the microbiological activity of the rhizosphere of winter wheat in the number and species composition of microorganisms. As a result, the variants created different conditions for the course of biochemical processes in the soil and the formation of crop yields. Moldboard-boardless tillage and the ecological system of agriculture proved to be more promising.

Keywords: Microbiological activity; Farming systems; Tillage of soil; Winter wheat


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