Influence of chelates on pigs productivity and quality


O. Kuzmenko*, D. Umanets, L. Zlamaniuk, R. Umanets, L. Lytvyshchenko, V. Malina, O. Cherniavskyi, А. Horchanok, V. Bomko and I. Porotikova

Feeding Zinc in the form of an organic chelate in the mixed feed for young Large White pigs in fattening causes improved metabolic processes in the organism, which positively affects the indices of pigs' laughter. The intervention of zinc chelate in mixed feed promotes an increase in the morphological composition of the carcass and an improvement in the chemical composition of meat and lard. It was established that in the process of fattening young Large White pigs with a zinc chelate dose of 83.2 g/t in mixed feed, a slaughter yield is higher by 1.2% compared with analogs of control. Pigs exceeded analogs by 6.6% in meat yield and by 0.9% in protein content in meat.

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