Influence Of Low Temperatures On Behavior, Productivity And Bioenergy Parameters Of Dairy Cows Kept In Cubicle Stalls And Deep Litter System


O.O. Borshch, O.V. Borshch, T. Donchenko, L. Kosior, L. Pirova

We studied the effect of temperature in thermo neutral period and during low temperature on performance, daily behavior, and parameters of bioenergy of cows of Ukrainian red-spotted dairy breed. We observed the cows kept in two loose housing systems: cubicle stalls and deep litter in easy-to-assemble compartments. The decrease in temperature led to decreasing productivity (by 10.86%, 3.55 kg) of cows in cubicle stalls and by 5.65% (1.82 kg) of cows in deep litter housing; the milk fat content increased by 0.09 and 0.08% respectively. During low-temperature period, the cows spent less time feeding, drinking, and walking in both housing systems, but spent more time when relaxing compared to thermoneutral period. The decrease in the duration of cattle feed intake during low temperatures caused a decrease in cattle feed reactions and chewing time for both housing systems. Fate net consumption of nutrition energy that transfer into the milk energy (power index) have decreased in cubicle stalls cows by 2.69% and by 1.16% in deep litter cows during low temperatures. Net energy consumption per 1 MJ of milk energy have dropped to 0.051 MJ in cubical housing cows and to 0.019 MJ in deep litter cows under low temperatures.


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