M.S. Gruntkovskyi*, V.M. Kondratiuk, S.M. Gryshchenko, N.P. Hryshchenko and I.S. Mytyay

The current research described the effect of neurotropic and metabolic non-hormonal biologically active medicine Nanovulin-VRKh © on the milk yield amount and the milk quality. Two cow groups were under study: the experimental and the control groups, each including four cows. The results showed that two of the neurotropic and metabolic Nanovulin-VRKh injections made 12 and 24 hours after the insemination did not effect the body thermoregulation of cows. Administration of the Nanovulin-VRKh contributes to stable fat formation in cow milk. Increased content of protein, nonfat milk solids, stable fat formation in milk were due to Nanovulin-VRKh administration. It was also established that, in the milk of experimental animals were administered the Nanovulin-VRKh, the pronounced effect of the drug on the protein, fat and nonfat milk solids content was observed, and the prolonged effect on these indices was reported during the fourth milking. Introduction of Cuprum aqua-chelate into the drug did not has toxic effect on the animal body and therefore would not effect the human health through the dairy products.

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