Influence of pre-planting and while-planting agricultural measures on the growth, development, and productivity of young grape plantations under conditions of the south of Ukraine


І.О. Ishchenko*, Yu.О. Savchuk, I.I. Gulyaeva, S.V. Stankevych and O.V. Ivakin

The article presents resumptive long-term data on the application of adsorbents and complex chelated fertilizers on young plantations of technical grapes of the Bastardo Magaratsky variety. As a result of research, the positive effect of mentioned substances was established and proved, which was manifested in an increase in the volume of one-year growth and acceleration of the output of the selected type of formation; an increase in the power of the root system, and this, in turn, contributed to the better overcoming of drought; an increase in yield at the beginning of entry into fruiting and the quality of berries. Thus, the application of absorbents and chelated fertilizers helps increase the adaptability of grape bushes to adverse environmental conditions, which periodically develop under conditions of the south of Ukraine. This has been felt more and more acutely in recent years.

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