Influence of the photosynthetic productivity and seed productivity of white lupine plants


V. A. Mazur, R.O. Myalkovsky, K. V. Mazur, H. V. Pantsyreva, O.O. Alekseev

It studied the influence of complex application of inoculation and retardant on the formation of photosynthetic and seed productivity of white lupine (Lupinus albus L.) plants seed varieties. The field research was conducted on the basis of the research farm “Agronomichne” of Vinnytsia National Agrarian University, village Agronomichne, Vinnytsa district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine. Features of the growth and development of white lupine (Lupinus albus L.) plants are examined. There has been established a positive effect of the combination of inoculation with the bacterial agent and growth stimulator on the productivity of white lupine, which is important for the formation of high and stable yields. The papers presents the results of studies on the effect of pre-sowing seed treatment and foliar nutrion under conditions of the right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine on the photosynthetic apparatus of white lupine plants. It has been established that bacterial agents and growth stimulators increase white lupine seed productivity due to optimization of the studied technological methods of cultivation. The optimal leaf surface area that provided maximum grain yield has been determined. The research has established a positive effect of pre-sowing seed treatment with the bacterial agent Rhizohumin and the growth stimulator Emistym C and foliar nutrition with Emistym C on the contents of chlorophyll a + b, observed the maximum yield of the white lupine leaves. The influence of the investigated technological methods on the formation of the photosynthetic and chlorophyll synthesis in the leaves of white lupine has been proved. The preparations studied induce intensive development of the photosynthetic apparatus, yield increase, improvement of the yield structure and they improve grain quality under conditions of right-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. The issue of seed bacterization and application of growth stimulators requires a more detailed study. Theefore, such researches are relevant and significance in terms of both practical and scientific value.
Keywords: White lupine; Assimilation apparatus; Chlorophyll; Variety; Productivity; Growth stimulator; Seed bacterization
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