V.A. Mazur*, K.V. Mazur and H.V. Pantsyreva

The article is a scientifically substantiated value of growing lupine white. The ecological value of crops of this culture, which is able to capture atmospheric nitrogen and is a favorable predecessor to other crop rotation crops, is proved. The importance of applying pre-sowing seed treatment and extra-root crops to increase is proved level of yield and quality of grain depending on variety and weather conditions. The specificity of the increase of grain productivity of white lupine varieties of Veresnevyi and Makarovskyi was established. Positive effect of application in pre-sowing seed treatment of bacterial preparation Risogumin and growth stimulator Emistim C in combination with two non-root nutrients Emistim C on indicators individual productivity. The statistically significant increase in the yield parameters of white lupine varieties at the application of pre-sowing seed treatment of a bacterial preparation and a growth stimulator in combination with two non-root nutrients. However, these factors significantly less affect the yields of this crop compared with the weather conditions of growing years and, above all, the availability of their precipitation during the critical period of vegetation.

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