Initial material of hybrid clover (Trifolium hybridum L.) of various ecogeographical origins in the Carpathian region


L. Baystryk-Hlodan*, H. Zhapaleu and L. Levytska

Hybrid clover is a valuable component of onions and pastures. Twenty-six hybrid clover cultivars of various ecological and geographical origins, obtained by different methods, served as the material for the research. The standard is the Pridnestrovskaya variety. The initial material was evaluated according to the "Methodology for the selection of perennial legumes and crops in the Carpathian Region” and "The methodology for forming a collection of field crops resistant to the biotic factors”. Statistical processing of the data was carried out using correlation and variance methods and assessing the significance of the difference in the mean of the sample using the t-criterion using the TIBCO Statistica software package (1984-2018 Tibco Software inc.). The coefficients of variation were 1.4-29.7, depending on the biological and ecological characteristics of the hybrid clover.

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