International cooperation communication project management: Ecology, marketing, and psychology


K. Naumik-Gladka, Yu. Khramtsova, O. Krutii and S. Stankevych*

The authors prove that the need to take part in international environmental projects is determined by the organization's benefits from such activities. Environmental psychology deals with relationships between man and the environment. The psychology here is expressed because within the framework of environmental psychology, specialists are concerned about thoughts, models, and theories about how people must deal with their environment; they are hung from the environment. From this, the central problems of environmental psychology grow. We show that in a modern market economy, the motivation of consumers to buy new environmental products is more significant when producers focus their activities on meeting the needs of consumers and when consumers have greater freedom of choice. The authors underline that they primarily related the major difficulties of managing international environmental projects to differences in the countries taking part in such projects' economic, political, social and cultural, and technological aspects.

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