Inventory And Plant Diversity Conservation In The North-western Part Of The Great Caucasus


S. А. Litvinskaya

The problems of floristic inventory within four floristic areas are underlined, namely for Western Ciscaucasia, Western Caucasus, Northwest, and the Western Transcaucasia. The issue questions towards taxonomy, species protection, devastation in ecosystems, and adventizion of vegetation are considered. The region has not protected psammophilous littoral natural complex which is characterized by antiquity genetically traced back to the Tethys. The reasons are: the irrational resort construction, recreation, exceeding of all acceptable norms, the search and development of hydrocarbon resources in the coastal zone, the construction of roads. The main outputs are synantropization, digression of ancient intertidal communities. We stressed that the flat steppe area is outside the protected areas. In Ciscaucasia there is no conservation area related to the conservation of steppe ecosystems. The plow of this area is unprecedented. Steppe gene pool is lost, and the little fragment of the ecosystem that still takes place on the banks of the rivers of the steppe. The steppes suffer from voluntaristic decisions of the local managers and all the humus layer shifts in degraded river.

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