Investigation of the acute toxicity of new xanthine xenobiotics with noticeable antioxidant activity


D Vasylyev, B. Priimenko, K. Aleksandrova, Y. Mykhalchenko, B. Gutyj, I. Mazur, N. Magrelo, H. Sus, O. Dashkovskyy, U. Vus, O. Kamratska

Over the last few decades, there was significant interest in applying various xanthine derivatives to treat several diseases as highly potent antioxidant agents. Our study introduced several pharmacophore groups in the xanthine core to improve its antioxidant activity and increase biological fluids' solubility. We synthesized a set of new low-toxic 3-methylxanthine derivatives. Such compounds bear challenging scaffolds for finding effective antioxidant agents with broad application in medicine and pharmacy.

Keywords: reactive oxygen species; 3-methylxanthine derivatives; antioxidant activity



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