Investigation Of The Two-dimensional Model Of Water Flow In The Gorgan Bay Under The Influence Of Various Hydrodynamic Factors Using Mike 21 Software


Afshin Mohseni Arasteh, Majid Dastdaran, Hossein Morovvati, Masoud Torabi Azad, Kamran Lari

This research aims at studying the field and the nature of the flow pattern within the Gorgan Bay. The sandstone slabs of Miankaleh and Gorgan Bay openings under the hydrodynamic factors are constantly changing. Various factors such as wind, sea level fluctuations and flow are affected by this deformation. In this paper, the two-dimensional hydrodynamic model of Gorgan Bay is presented using the Mike 21 hydrodynamic model software to calculate the flow velocity. Changes in water level at the only open boundary of the model (Ashuradeh - Turkmen port), Gulf primary water level, Meteorological parameters including precipitation, evaporation, wind speed and direction, time step, ambient heat exchange, and coefficient of roughness of the floor in the appropriate range to the model Applied. Using flow velocity data, the hydrodynamic model was accurately calibrated and verified. The results of the model state that the average direction of flow in a year in the Gorgan Bay is clockwise. The average water flow rate is 0.029 m/s, and the flow pattern calculated by the model is compared with the continuous measurements of flow through float tracking in two stages and the results are confirmed.

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