Investigation Of Ticks Infecting Sheep And Seasonal Changes Of Their Population In Eyvan City


Nader Bochani, Saeed Hashemi

Ticks are arthropods that are the most important pests in the veterinary industry, which transmit important and dangerous diseases of humans and animals. Eyvan city located in the northern half of Ilam province and one of the most important centers of agriculture and animal husbandry is the province of Ilam. Hence, it is essential to identify the correct method for struggle tick and study the season's abundance and type of host. This study was carried out at the level of shambles in the city of Eyvan and from the first of April of 2016 to March of 2017. From the 1,500 sheep of different age, 220 viruses (14.66%) were infect with ticks. The average number of ticks in infected sheep was 2.9 ticks per sheep. The results showed that in sheep, 220 (38.66%) were male and 350 (61.40%) were female ticks. The tick identified on the sheep was related to 5 species and 3 ticks. The most frequency was related to the hyalomma genus, which includes Hyalomma asiaticum asiaticum (34.21%), Hyalomma anatolicum anatolicum (19.30%), also, the highest infection rate was in sheep in the city of Eyvan in June. In general, the prevalence and severity of infection were low but a relatively high species diversity was observed.


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