Legal and environmental problems of personal data protection under commercialization of Big Data


A. A. Vasiliev Yu. V. Pechatnova

The article deals with the legal-environmental problems of personal data protection related to the use of artificial intelligence-based programs of information collection, processing and storage. The normative and legal acts on personal data protection are presented, attention is paid to the international experience of legal regulation of this field. The scope of the changes that have occurred in the field of personal data protection due to the appearance and rapid increase of the "Big Data". The materials of the jurisprudence on the commercialization of the "Big Data" and, as a consequence, the violation of the existing legal regime of personal data protection are analyzed. In conclusion, a legal assessment of the risks of deanonymization of personal data and possible options to address the problem of implementation of personal data legislation in an era of rapid development of Big Data are proposed.

Keywords: Personal data; Environmental; "Big Data"; Information protection; Artificial intelligence


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