Levels of phenolic compounds in leaves of Eranthis sibirica, E. stellata, and E. tanhoensis (Ranunculaceae)


V.A. Kostikova*, A.S. Erst, A.A. Kuznetsov and I.I. Gureyeva

Levels of phenolic compounds in leaves of plants Eranthis sibirica DC., E. stellata Maxim. and E. tanhoensis Erst were studied. In aqueous ethanol extracts from leaves of these Eranthis L. plants, 24 phenolic compounds were identified by highperformance liquid chromatography. These included chlorogenic, gentisic, caffeic, and salicylic acids, quercetin, kaempferol and hyperoside flavonols, and orientin and vitexin flavones. It was revealed that among the three species, the levels of chlorogenic (0.34–0.96 mg/g), caffeic (0.29–0.32 mg/g), and salicylic (0.25 mg/g) acids are higher in leaves of E. sibirica, whereas kaempferol concentration (0.42 mg/g) is higher in E. tanhoensis leaves. Leaves of E. stellata contain more orientin (1.19–4.99 mg/g) and quercetin (0.12–0.20 mg/g) as compared to the other two species. Vitexin (1.84–3.63 mg/g) was found in leaves of E. sibirica only. Species-specific ratios of levels of major phenolic compounds were identified. The total concentration of phenolcarboxylic acids in E. sibirica leaves exceeds almost 2-fold that of flavonols. On the contrary, in E. stellata and E. tanhoensis leaves, the total concentration of flavonols is higher or almost equal to the concentration of phenolcarboxylic acids.

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