Macromycetes Of Dumping Sites As Bioindicators Of Anthropogenic Edaphotop Status


V. V. Popovich

We studied the development of the macromycetes on anthropogenic edaphotop of dumping sites in western wooden-steppes of Ukraine. We considered principal ecological factors, namely acidity, temperature, and connectivity of edaphotop; humidity, temperature, and air humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed, equivalent dose of ionizing radiation in the surface ground of macromycetes habitats. The species diversity of macromycetes in dumping sites of western wooden-steppes of Ukraine was considerably low (Simpson index: 0,91; Shannon index: -1,9). Species evenness was calculated by indices of Simpson and Shannon was rather low: 0,43 and -2,71 correspondingly; this indicated limited development of fungi. The main factors were violation of natural environment of macromycetes biotopes and anthropogenic pressure on their development as a result of aerobic and anaerobic processes that occur within the dumping sites. We founded that macromycetes could be bioindicators of the anthropogenic edaphotop of the dumping sites.

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