Macrozoobenthos Of Cahul Lake (danube Basin, Odessa Region, Ukraine)


Yu.M. Dzhurtubaev, М.М. Dzhurtubaev, V.V. Zamorov

The macrozoobenthos of Cahul Lake (one of the largest in Ukrainian Danube basin) has been studied. We collected 256 samples at 12 littoral and sublittoral stations within 2006-2012. Some 95 species and subspecies were found, namely: Spongia - 1 species, Turbellaria - 2, Annelida - 17, Bryozoa - 1, Crustacea - 19, Insecta - 35, Gastropoda - 15 and Bivalvia - 5 species, among them 15 previously unregistered species were found. We discovered that the overall number of species increased downstream. Seasonal dynamics of species composition is poorly expressed. The maximum number of macrozoobenthos on the littoral was recorded in spring, maximal biomass – in summer; Maximum sublittoral abundance and biomass of macrozoobenthos were recorded in the summer.


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