Macrozoobenthos Of Danubian Lake Kugurluy (odessa Region, Ukraine)


Yu.M. Dzhurtubaev, М.М. Dzhurtubaev, V.V. Zamorov

The taxonomic composition and quantitative characteristics of macrozoobenthos of the Danube Lake Kugurlui have been studied. In 2006-2012 on the littoral and sublittoral of the lake, 278 macrozoobenthos samples were collected. There are 172 species of Spongia, Hydrozoa, Turbellaria, Annelida, Crustacea, Insecta, Acarina, Gastropoda, Bivalvia. All species are found on the littoral, in the sublittoral - 48 species. There are 36 species new to the lake. Ponto-Caspian faunal complex is represented by 19 species. The number of species on the littoral decreased from 129 in the upper reaches to 98 in the lower reaches, in the sublittoral was within 35-37 species. On the littoral, the abundance and biomass of macrozoobenthos increased on average throughout the lake from winter to summer, in the sublittoral biomass increased from winter to autumn, the maximum number was recorded in the spring. The number was dominated by oligochaetes and chironomids, and by mollusks by biomass.


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