Macrozoobenthos Of Danubian Lake Yalpug (odessa Region, Ukraine)


Yu. M. Dzhurtubaev, M. M. Dzhurtubaev, V. V. Zamorov

The taxonomic composition and quantitative characteristics of the macrozoobenthos of the largest lake in Ukraine Yalpug, were studied. In 2006-2012 some 396 samples of macrozoobenthos were collected on the littoral and sublittoral of Lake Yalpug. 183 species and subspecies of Spongia, Hydrozoa, Turbellaria, Annelida, Crustacea, Insecta, Gastropoda, and Bivalvia were found. All the species were found on the littoral, while in the sublittoral – only 47 species. For the first time, we discoeverd 46 species for the lake zoobenthic fauna. Ponto-Caspian faunal complex was represented by 19 species. The littoral species number had changed from 63 species in the upper reaches to 160 in the lower reaches of the lake. In littoral habitat the number and biomass increased from winter to summer, and in the sublittoral habitat the abundance increased from winter to summer, whereas the biomass – from winter to autumn. The most abundant were oligochaetes and chironomids, the maximum biomass was registered for molluscs. During the growing season, the average abundance and biomass of macrozoobenthos in the littoral area were 2482 ind./m² and 117.0 g/m² respectively; in sublittoral area – 1600 ind./m² and 121.0 g/m² respectively.


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